My first touch to a camera was in my early childhood, then about 15 years later it became my passion. In the late teenage years, my uncle gave me my first personal camera, he is not anymore amongst us, but what he did was a keystone in my life.

In the beginning, I was impressed by the way, you can capture small details, and abstract images of objects around me. It was an interesting new world of light, shadows, focus, and defocus. The way you can catch 1/1000 from the second in an image, a hidden for the naked eye moment, and manipulate it, the way you see it, adding a piece of creativity and emotion to it, is what attracts me to photography. I always try to add a piece of my soul in my shots. Photography is a brilliant tool to stop the time, to distort it, to tell a true story or lie, to express, so I try to apply all these to my pictures, capturing various objects like people, concerts, streets, mountains, extreme sports, and nature, often in black and white. I always prefer to stay as invisible, as possible, that’s why I rarely use additional lights, but if  I do, I aim to keep the natural look of the scene. Working in films and commercials as a camera assistant and focus puller with leading cinematographers, I developed technical skills and gained experience with different digital or 16mm/35mm cameras and lenses. My passion for cinema influenced the way I think and compose my shots. Working with inspiring and creative people is a pleasure even in the worst weather.

Konstantin Velichkov




-Personal exhibition, 2006 @ bar Art club, Sofia, Bulgaria

-Personal exhibition, Oct. 2017 @ Gifted Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

-“Oblik” Christmas bazaar, Dec. 2017 @ Photosynthesis, Sofia, Bulgaria


-BEFSA annual photo awards 2012, first place in category winter

-BEFSA annual photo awards 2013, second place in category free-ride


British Council, MetropolisHMSUMenclipsMADTV,  V+OEventeaseChuchkov BrothersBlack Sea Films, Push-pull,  KLAS film, Nu Boyana film studios, Dreamteam, B2Y, Solent films